Forecasting the Impact of Blockchain on Search Marketing

You may have heard about the bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency. If you know about it then you may also have heard about blockchain, a mechanism which enables the cryptocurrencies to work. There is a reason to believe that blockchain is going to disrupt a lot of industries which primarily earn money by providing middleman services. One of the primary features of blockchain is that it allows users and service providers to trust each other without getting the middleman services.

Having that said, there are a few industries which face real threat to get disrupted due to blockchain. Such industries include real estate, ridesharing, voting, car sales, insurance, sports management and loyalty cards. Search marketing may not be as mainstream as ones mentioned above but tis industry is still faces this threat.

Before going further, it is worth mentioning that this article is not about bitcoin or blockchain. It is rather about blockchain’s impact on the business which Google and other search engines do by providing middleman services to the users and different service providers. In other words, the advertisement business run by these search engines faces potential risk of getting disrupted due to blockchain.

What is blockchain?

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

In simple words, Blockchain is like the Google Docs spreadsheet which is shared with the people in order to show transaction. This shared document or ledger is the most secured one.

Blockchain’s Impact on search engine marketing

In the digital marketing industry, central authorities such as Google, Facebook and other giants earn by establishing connection between website owners and the advertisers. For instance, you may have worked with the Facebook ads and you may also have the idea how they work. Similarly, Google advertisement is known as the best way to get a business promoted. In all these scenarios, middleman services charge specific fee or percentage of the advertising costs in order to run their operations.

Hence, both the advertisers and the website owners have to depend on these middleman services. But, what if these middleman services are taken out of the equation and both the advertisers and website owners are given the chance to interact with each other directly? Surely there will be lower cost on advertising and the website owners would be able to earn more. This is exactly what blockchain has the capability to do. And this capability is nothing less than a threat to the giants in search and social industries.

Now, blockchain is also expected to have its impact on SEO. Since people will integrate it into their websites, they are more likely to find other ways to market their website alongside Google. This practice will produce some technical issues which are more like opportunities for the AmAzon SEO to find right ways of marketing.